When She Found Out What Her Sister Was Doing To Her Nephew, She Had To Get Video Proof

You never know who you can trust around children. They may seem amazing on the exterior, but once they’re in private, they could be abusive or cruel to little ones. But when the abusive person is the child’s own mother, it can be difficult to expose her. She is so close to the child and is loved unconditionally by the little one that the child would almost never tell the truth about the mother’s abuse.

Situations like this often require a third party to shed light on what is happening behind closed doors. And that’s what the child’s aunt Ra’Neicha Broadnax did when she obtained video footage of her sister, Janelle Peterkin, abusing her son.

Allegedly, Peterkin was having an argument with the child’s father. The man had abandoned Peterkin and found a new girlfriend. She was upset and wanted to make the man feel her pain. So she took out her rage on their little boy. She began sending the father of her son pictures and videos of her torturing the boy as a way to make the father suffer.

When Broadnax discovered what he sister was doing, she knew that she had to come forward to protect her nephew. She had no choice. Even though she would need to betray her sister, she was forced to step forward because a little boy was in danger, all because of a failed relationship.

Earlier this month Peterkin, 23, appeared in court to face the charges of child endangerment. She had taken out her aggression and hate on the little boy because she was angry at the boy’s father who was sleeping with someone else.

The abuse that Peterkin forced onto her child was too horrific to appear on cable news. Peterkin shared images of herself strapping a plastic bag over the baby boy’s head. The child is screaming, so she puts out her cigarettes on his hand. And she strikes him.

As she abuses her son, Peterkin is heard telling the baby to “tell your daddy” about the pain you’re experiencing. She then threatened to kill the boy if the cheating father did not respond.

Broadnax found the video and was horrified. She had never seen her sister stoop so low. Although she knew that the boy’s father was “giving her the runaround,” she did not know it had come to this.

When she saw the mother nearly killing the baby with a plastic bag, she knew she had to act. Thankfully she did and called the police so they could take Peterkin in before she did follow through with her threat to murder her son.

Broadnax first called the police in Texas where the boy lives. But they refused to help her. They told her she needed to contact her local police. But Broadnax, who lives in Richmond, Virginia, knew that would not help. Instead, she posted the video online. Finally, the Texas police took action to save the life of the child.