This Is The Woman Who Starved Her Foster Child To Death While She Kept Packing On Pounds

The only people who can love children as much as their parents are their grandparents. But in Iowa, one grandmother proved that she was nothing but a cruel and abusive caretaker when she killed her teenage granddaughter. The grandmother in question is 63-year-old Carla Bousman. On Friday, she was convicted and faces 20 years in prison for child neglect.

The poor teenager girl, Sabrina Ray, was Bousman’s adoptive granddaughter, but Bousman did not show her any love like a grandmother should. Instead, she locked the starving teen in a room where she died on May 12.

Sabrina had been starved to the point of death by her obese parents. Because she was so malnourished and had shrunk to just 56 pounds at the time of her death, Sabrina was very sick. She vomited and soiled herself on the morning when Bousman locked her in the room to die. The teen needed medical care and food, but her grandmother punished her for being hungry, and that resulted in her death.

Grandma Bousman is not the only person who faces criminal charges. Her adoptive parents, Marc and Misty Bousman, have been charged with the teen’s murder.

Sabrina first moved into the Bousman’s home in 2011 when she was removed from the custody of her crystal meth-addicted father.

Instead of showing her love or taking care of her, the Bousmans, who are both obese, starved the teenager and beat her.

Sabrina died in May 2017. And on the day she died, Sabrina was with her grandmother and two other adopted girls. Her parents Marc and Misty had left her behind while they went on a two-week vacation to Disney World with one of their biological sons. They wanted nothing to do with the girl they systematically victimized.

On the day she died, Grandma Bousman watched Sabrina soil herself and vomit. But instead of getting her medical attention, she locked her in a room with two other girls to die.

Because she had been starved for years, she died. Bousman wept as she received her just punishment and was sentenced to twenty years in jail. She pleaded guilty earlier this year, which probably lessened her sentence.

“I wish I could go back to that day and change everything and do what I know was the proper thing to do. I can’t change what was done now, but I’m very sorry and miss all my grandchildren very much,” the grandmother said, according to The Des Moines Register.

Grandma Bousman was not responsible for starving and beating the girl. That was her parents’ doing. But she did not act and seek medical attention for her as she died while under her care.

But the jury agreed that her lack of action was inexcusable. Grandma Bousman was Sabrina’s “last hope” of survival. And she failed her.

“But for her neglect, Sabrina may have survived,” Assistant Dallas County Attorney Stacy Ritchie.

Bousman remembers Sabrina’s last day very well.

“She had woke up vomiting and had soiled herself, and her clothes and I just thought that she wasn’t feeling well and I gave her a shower and cleaned her all up.”

Sabrina’s parents are awaiting their murder trial. Meanwhile, Sabrina’s brother, Justin Dale Ray, 22, was jailed for ten years for abusing her.