They Told Her It Was The Flu, But Days Later She’s In The ER And Her Doctors Are Scrambling

When a doctor told her just to go home and rest off her flu-like symptoms, little did the doctor know, but he had just given the worst advice possible. One Arizona woman soon found her life in danger because the medical professional had mistaken her symptoms with the flu. In truth, she did not have the flu at all but a flesh-eating bacterial infection that was killing her piece by piece.

Christin Lipinski first underwent flu treatment on January 11. And because she started experiencing pain, which is not usually associated with the flu, she took herself to a local trauma center. They ran some more tests to get to the exact cause of her suffering. And it didn’t take them too long to discover the flesh-eating bacteria ravaging her from the inside out.

Now her medical bills keep rising, and she has little hope of returning to work anytime soon.

She was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis. This bacterial infection kills the skin tissue around it. Symptoms are severe and include fever, chills, swelling near open wounds, ulcers, pain, fatigue, and vomiting. As you see, some of these symptoms overlap with those of the flu, hence the initial mix up.

But when flesh-eating bacteria make it into the human body, it spreads quickly and goes for vital body tissue like muscles, fat cells, and blood cells.

And because her doctor got the diagnosis wrong, her body will never be the same once she recovers.

“Within twelve hours Christin underwent two surgeries to remove the infected tissue in an effort to save her life,” her family wrote on her GoFundMe page. “In total over 30% of Christin’s soft tissue had to be surgically removed during these lifesaving efforts. She is currently in critical yet stable condition as she undergoes further surgeries.”

Christin is still recovering. She’s taking strong antibiotics to fight away the infection. And she has had to have chunks of her flesh removed.

“We thought that we had turned the corner on the infection, however, the surgeon who specializes in this disease located some further diseased tissue and had to expand the wound further down her left arm,” her donation page stated.

She has received $29,000 in donations at the time of this writing. But as the bacteria continue to ravage her, she needs a few thousand more to reach her goal of $33,000.

“We currently don’t know how long it will take for Christin to recover fully but she will most likely be hospitalized for several months before he can be safely discharged, assuming there are no further complications.”

As of two weeks ago, Christin returned home. She wrote on her GoFundMe page:

“Last Friday I received my 24th surgery to remove the wound vac and graft my armpit. This week I have had donor dressing changes, and my donor site is healing beautifully. The wound VAC has been put back on my armpit to ensure the graft and the flap that was placed for reconstruction are healing well to my body.”

What would you do if this happened to someone you love?