Teens Try To Rob A Dad With His Family, But He’s Well Prepared To Defend His Family

A couple of criminals got more than they bargained for when they attempted to carjack a family. According to a report from The Blaze, a Houston family’s father is to thank for saving their lives. He had stopped at a taco truck in the early evening to get dinner for his family, his wife and four children, ages three to eight years.

Upon returning to his car, a man (and an accomplice) with a gun approached, demanding that they leave the car.
The mother told ABC 13 Houston: “My daughter had told me mom I thought he was going to kill daddy. My daughter said that. My 8-year-old.” She added, “Oh my gosh. It was horrible. You know he had the gun to my husband’s head. It felt like a nightmare. I’m like I can’t believe this is happening.”
The family left the vehicle, with the father getting a weapon out of the car. He explained, “I always carry a weapon in the cars,” adding, “As I started walking back, he jumps in the car. So when he jumped in the car, I went around the back of the car. I pulled the gun out. I loaded it. I put my hands inside the car and shot him.”

Both attackers fled the scene after the shot was fired, with the father believing he struck one of the men in the hand.

Reporter Jessica Wiley explained of the video: “Watch-two men hanging outside a store ran for cover as shots were fired during carjacking in top left of screen.” Houston police are looking for the suspects, described as Hispanic teenagers.

Those who commented on The Blaze had plenty to say, with one person pointing out: “What is that, a 76 Blazer? Looks great from this clip. Never know when thugs target you, even in the open public in front of stores. They have done this operation before. Too comfortable for first-timers.”

Another person watching the footage noted: “No, ‘the whole thing’ wasn’t caught on video. Two men in a truck who heard the shots fired and ran into the store… that was caught on video! Glad the dad got his gun and showed the punks what is what!”

Others seemed confused with the video, with one commenter wondering: “They ran back into the store yet got away and can’t be found? There should be fingerprints all over that door and the truck!” Another person pointed out where to watch in the video: “The car jacking is the white car at the tippy top of the video. The guys in the truck just ran for cover after hearing the gun shots.”

Others praised the father for being prepared, with one commenter writing: “Go dad!!! THIS is why we have the second amendment people!!!”

Still others had concerns because even though the man had a gun, it wasn’t readily available or loaded. People noted: “In the car don’t cut it. On your person does” and “Keep the gun on you and make sure it’s loaded! This guy was lucky.”

Others were relieved that the story didn’t take a tragic turn, with one person noting: “Glad the family is okay!”