Teacher Finds 7-Year-Old With Bruised, Bloodied Lip — Quickly Realizes What Happened (Photos)

Natalie McDonald is a concerned parent that is warning those people who purchased a Monsters Inc cup from The Disney Store. Natalie’s 7-year-old daughter, Megan, got her tongue stuck in the lid of that cup at school. She had to be taken to a hospital for it to be removed – with a hacksaw and a drill!

The Disney Store took the product off the shelves, but maybe you or someone you know purchased one before they were taken off the shelves.

The suction created when Megan used the cup caused her tongue to get stuck.

Because there were no ventilation holes in the lid school officials were unable to free Megan. The mug still had a bit of water in it, and it was heavy, and Megan had started to panic when she couldn’t get free. Here is an image of the cup in question.

Megan’s tongue was swollen and very purple by the time the hospital staff removed the cup. In all, Megan was stuck inside the cup for several hours.

The team at the hospital had never encountered a situation like this and had tired bolt cutters and other methods to get the cup off before using the hacksaw.

In response, The Disney Store said they were destroying the remaining stock and stopping all sales (in stores and online). If you have this cup, please throw it out! It is not worth the pain your child could endure. Make sure future cup purchases have ventilation holes in the lid!

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