Shocking! Mom tosses her daughter by the hair because she misplaced her tablet

Nearly two decades into the 21st century and child abuse remains rampant, with the offenders often managing to get away with it because they go unreported. The most recent horrifying footage emerges from Argentina, with a mother of three shown ruthlessly throwing her eldest child around the room.

The reason the mom is so incensed? Her daughter reportedly misplaced her tablet computer. The distressing footage shows the girl, aged just three, being lifted up by her hair and then painfully kicked in the back by the mother, who can be heard yelling at her.

The footage was captured by an unknown witness — speculated to be a cousin — in their home in Bahia Blanca, a city of 300,000 in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina and soon went viral. Many have questioned why the person filming the video did not intervene and stop the assault, with the upsetting scene rolling on for nearly 30 seconds.

The video begins with the 33-year-old mother smacking the child repeatedly as she accuses the toddler of ‘stealing’ her tablet computer. She can be heard screaming: “Why don’t you remember where you left the things?! Give me the tablet. You had it here over the table when I arrived. Give it to me because I will kill you.”

The little girl, who at this point is mortified, can be heard sobbing and cowering as the mother continues her relentless attack. The mother then lifts the girl up by her hair, holds her in the air for a few seconds and then proceeds to kick her in the back.

The video was subsequently uploaded to Facebook, where people widely slammed the actions of the mother, and soon, the outrage had reached a critical level. Social services were alerted to the incident and they stepped in to take action.

A police source told the local media: “A 54-year-old woman alerted officials to a video taken on a mobile phone in which her 33-year-old daughter can be seen mistreating her two children aged one and three.” The grandmother seems to have stepped in when many others were not willing to.

The authorities have since removed the three-year-old girl, as well as her two younger siblings from the abusive home and put them under the care of social services. The third child, who did not appear in the appalling footage, is said to be in the care of the grandmother.

While her name was not mentioned by the authorities, some social media users have taken matters into their own hands and revealed her identity. These users have also circulated her Facebook page and home address, sparking fears that there may be those who will seek out vigilante justice.

One user who posted the social media pics of the woman wrote: “She’s been filmed savagely beating her daughter because of a tablet she can’t find. Someone has to act and save these little creatures from this monster. Make sure these pictures and video go viral.”

Investigations are currently underway and charges will be brought up against the woman, though it is not clear whether she has been arrested yet. A family court in Bahia Blanca is reportedly looking into the case and investigating the woman on suspicion of assault and threat.

After it emerged that the video had been shot at the house belonging to the culprit’s sister, furious locals were said to be readying themselves to protest outside the place.

This was despite pleas for calm from the woman who recorded the footage, who said that her mom was being unfairly criticized and had been targeted by vigilantes just because the incident had taken place at their home.

According to local media, the three children — two girls and a baby boy — are now said to be ‘doing well’ and recovering from the ordeal. However, it remains to be seen the extent of the effect this abuse has actually had on them, with it being unclear whether this was an isolated incident or whether they were repeatedly subject to such treatment.

Speaking of the incident, one woman said: “It infuriates me to see this sort of human rubbish. She doesn’t deserve to be a called a mother and should be in jail,” with another one saying: “Rubbish son of a b****. How do you treat your own daughter like this, you repugnant human being!”

The video of the horrifying incident: