Mom Thought Video Of Her Son Was Cute, Never Expected It To Go Viral Nationwide (video)

One of the best things about technology is that we get to video our kids doing the cutest things!  It’s seriously one of the most enduring things parents can do with their kids.  Your saving memories and making tons of laughs along the way – not to mention showing the world how cute your family is.  We’re not saying that people get jealous, but we are saying that if you have a cute kid, please share their cuteness with the world.  The world needs more cuteness and Mom’s have to realize this!

That’s what happened by surprise to mom Chrystal Logsdon.  She uploaded a video of her son to Facebook without realizing how many people would find it the cutest thing they’d seen all week.  Within a few days, it went totally viral!

We’re not surprised it went viral because this short video (only 52 seconds long) has made us all smile and giggle all day.  Just the whole setup got us smiling in the first few seconds.

The adorable child is helping Chrystal make a grocery list and his Southern drawl really takes the cake.  As he pretends to jot down items on a notepad he helps her mom remember everything they need around the house.  It really is like he’s taking on the role of ‘Master of the House’ even though he’s barely 4 years old.  He may even be 3, but his silky drawl makes him sound a lot older.

We hear Chrystal say: “We need spaghetti” in a very regular, ‘mom-like’ voice.

“We need ‘sketti.  What else?” heinquires in his cute high pitched voice.  “We need bananas” says Chrystal.  “We need ‘nanas.  What else?”

It’s so cute how makes short-forms of all the different items!  We know what he’s talking about, but he makes them sound so silly and enticing just by saying them.  That’s the power of kids!

After tacos, ‘tatos, wettus (lettuce) and ‘matos (tomatoes), Chrystal gives the shocking news that they don’t need anything else.

Not according to her son.  “No it ain’t” he responds.  “We need some more.”  He looks over to his dad to see what he might want to add to the master list.  Clearly there is tons of work to be done and the house needs a whole lot more Co Co Puffs and Peanut Butter before the list is done.  But is that what the Dad wants?

Alas, the video ends before we get to see what his father wants.  The boy scampers off and we lose sight of him for good.  He’s going to grow up to have one of the most seductive Southern Accents we’ve ever heard.  It might even get him some gigs as a voice after or in Hollywood.  Until that day, at least we have the precious 52 second interchange with his mom to watch over and over again.  He sure is a precious little kid.

Watch the clip below and share with your friends on all social platforms to help bring the cuteness of this little guy around the world!