Mom Is Horrified When She Opens Her Son’s Lunchbox. Immediately Dials 911.

When you send your child to school, you have certain expectations. You expect your child to try their best at their schoolwork, and for the teachers to be as helpful and patient as possible. Some days, you find something that doesn’t align with your expectations. And that’s exactly what happened when a kid got more than just a sandwich in his lunchbox after his mom discovered a small snake inside.

Australian snake catcher Rolly Burrell of Snake Catchers Adelaide shared a photo that the mom had taken of the snake she found while packing lunches. She sent it to the snake catcher for identification, which they determined was a baby eastern brown snake, one of the most venomous species in the world.

Burrell notes in his Facebook post: “Not really what you expect to see when you check if [your] child ate their fruit.”

He assumes the snake made its way into the dark pantry and then inside the lunchbox. It’s a nice little setup.
Burrell told the BBC, “It is very lucky that she spotted the snake… a little kid would not even feel the bite from something so small.”

Those who commented on the snake catcher’s Facebook post shared similar stories, with one person noting: “There was one the other day in Springfield… nice RBB in a young girls school bag. Noticed it when she went to get her lunch out. Calmly did the bag back up and told a teacher.”

Another commenter wondered: “Are baby brown snakes worse than an adult one? I was told that the venom is more concentrated in a baby one. Is this right?”

Many weighed in with answers, including this possible explanation: “Baby browns inject all their venom in one strike where an adult conserves its venom and can inject venom many times”

Another commenter added this terrifying personal experience: “A baby brown snake comes with enough venom to kill a person. We had one in the dining room on the farm and the snake catcher told me this. I couldn’t believe I had been sitting on the chair alongside of it for who knows how long.”

Many commenters joked about why the snake would choose this particular spot, with one person noting: “Looks like a non-seal proof lunch box! Either way it just wanted some water and fruit guys! Move him along and we are all happy!” and another stating: “Puts another spin on the old apple and snake story in the garden of Eden.”

Another commenter pointed to this as proof that kids should be educated about snakes, writing: “This is why it’s soooo important to teach kids what to do when they see a snake. When I was in school we had one year we kept seeing red bellies everywhere and the snake catcher at the time spoke to the students at assembly on how to be safe once you spot a snake.”

Another commenter noted: “This is REALLY scary.  What can be done to keep these very dangerous creatures away from where people live?
Thankfully I don’t live in an area where they live.”

Others were understandably spooked by the lunchbox dweller, with one person writing: “This is a great photo to see just asIi was going to get the kids’ lunches ready. Might get the partner to do it now.”

Would you have been able to spot it?