Israel Hasn’t Had A School Shooting Since 1974, Here’s How They Stop Them

Preventing school shootings has been a major discussion amongst lawmakers, parents, and teachers since the recent shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Unfortunately, active shooters in public schools have become somewhat of a new norm for media headlines, but when is enough enough?

While the United States is reeling in the aftermath of yet another school shooting, Israel is sharing their advice on how they’ve managed to only have two school shootings in over 44 years.

In 1974, Palestinian terrorists invaded and took over the Netiv Meir Elementary School, leaving 22 children dead. The attack, which has been deemed the “Ma’alot Massacre,” has forced Israel to come up with a plan to prevent future tragedies. Policymakers stepped in and made it a requirement to have security systems in place at all schools in the nation. That policy has proven successful, considering there hasn’t been an incident since.

Israel’s Ministry of Education is responsible for funding school security which includes, armed and trained guards at every gate, and fences and shelters at every school building.

In addition to the system that they have put in place, Israel has made it a priority to make sure their students are trained and prepared in the event that a shooter does manage to get past security. Some of the things they are taught are barricading doors and knowing when to attempt to flee and get away safely.

The guards that man the outsides of the buildings are well aware of their role and they are constantly on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

In the two incidents where shooters have managed to get into Israel schools in the last 44 years, the shooters were shot by armed teachers, leaving the children and staff unharmed, according to Dr. Ted Noel.

“The Israelis saw this and got busy,” Noel said. “They knew that the vast majority of terror attacks are stopped not by police, but by armed civilians. So they started training teachers in firearms use. Those teachers took out the bad guys in the two incidents since the Ma’alot Massacre.”

Having armed teachers makes a shooter must less likely to take a chance invading a school, considering they have no idea which teachers are armed and they are very unlikely to accomplish what they want. They know there is a good chance they will get stopped much sooner than in a school that has unarmed teachers.

“On top of that, he doesn’t know which of the staff might be ready to shoot, or where they might be coming from,” Noel said. “In short, only an idiot would try to shoot up a school with a trained staff of shooters.”

CNN’s Steve Cortes agrees with Noel and believes that it’s less about the guns and more about the need for more protection of our children. Cortes compared the situation to fires…

“Since the awful Our Lady of the Angels elementary school fire of 1958, which killed 92 students and 3 nuns, there has not been a large casualty school fire in America,” he said. “Why? Because we took myriad precautions since then: better fire exits, more extinguishers, and sprinklers, routine fire drills, etc. Water squelches a fire. And only a gunman, I would argue, can stop another gunman.”
The recent conversation around gun control is starting to see more supporters of those who believe that it’s not the guns that are the problem, it’s the people and the lack of security.