If You Think That Schools Are Safe, You May Be Wrong! This 9-Year-Old Got Bullied At School!

Bullying is one of the worst things that can happen to someone. This behavior can occur almost everywhere but when it appears in public spaces like schools, parks, roads or work they can make a person feel ashamed.

Reasons of bullying can be different like jealousy, anger, frustrations, loneliness and other related feelings.

Unfortunately, bullying may be so dangerous if a person is a victim of a real psychopath. These effects include beating, pain, depression, anxiety, suicide etc.

Usually, people who tend to bully someone are under the effect of drugs or alcohol.

But, did you know that bullying is very common at children too?

Below you will read such a touchy story of a young girl who got bullied at school.

What Happened To This 9-Year-Old Girl? 

Kelly Turpin got a phone call on Feb. 3 – it was a phone call no mother wants to get. It was from her daughter’s school. The representative from the Alabama elementary school told Kelly that her nine-year-old daughter had fallen and needed to go home.When Kelly arrived at the school, her daughter, Lanny had a different story. She didn’t just fall by herself – someone else did, on her.

Lanny said she was attacked by another student. Lanny said that she and her class were walking to art when a girl grabbed her and jumped on top of her. Then Lanny fell and hit her head on a metal pole.