Duck Steals Treats From A Cat, Feline’s Idea Of Revenge Has Internet Cracking Up (video)

While most people take their dogs to the park for a walk or to play, this man has another furry friend by his side. His cat loves to go outdoors and experience nature much like most canines do. The man in the video is named Aaron. And he first adopted his cat Michael when the feline was just a little kitten. While they were first living together in New York City, when Aaron relocated to Los Angeles, Michael was overjoyed to have access to more outdoor space and better weather.

Because Aaron loves Michael, he takes time to shoot video of the cat on a regular basis. He does it almost every day because Michael gets involved in so many strange stunts and escapades.

Things started to get weird when Aaron decided he would pet-sit for his friend’s rabbit. When he did, he learned a lot about his cat. Michael was cursed with a short temper. Because Aaron thought his cat’s outrage was so ridiculous, he started filming and shared the video with you. And from that day forward, he was on to something that would eventually go viral.

Aaron leans into his imagination while making his cat videos. Michael continuously does hilarious things that make him very popular on the internet. But in this video, we watch a duck steal Michael’s food right from under him. And the cat’s reaction is hilarious. He really doesn’t like it and shows the internet how short his fuse truly is.

The moment happens while Aaron is sitting on a park bench with his feline best friend. The cat is eating Goldfish crackers. At that point, the cat stares at a flock of ducks who are wading in the water a short distance away.

To defend his snacks, Michael pulls his Goldfish snacks closer to him to protect them from the ducks. But he is not fast enough.

One of the ducks snatches the Goldfish right from Michael, and the cat is livid. He looks to Aaron for help but only sees his owner filming him, and he is not willing to help.

But Michael is not willing to let his snacks go away without a fight. He jumps into the pond after the ducks. He cannot get them back and feels downright depressed.

Aaron refuses to watch his best friend fall into a depression. He decides that he has to help his cat get his snacks back no matter what it costs him. He leverages all the objects in the park to construct what is like a jet-ski. It has a boogie board as a base, a lawn chair for its seat, and a leaf blower for an engine. He is ready to get out there to help Michael get his revenge on the Los Angeles ducks.

With the cat on the small lawn chair, Aaron sends the cat after the ducks. They scatter when they see the sour puss’s face racing toward them. As he glides across the water, he goes right for the Goldfish and gets his snacks back. Michael got what he came for. What a winner!