Delta Airlines Has Cut Ties With The NRA And Is Now Flying Protestors Around The Country For Free

Delta Airlines has been in the news a lot recently, and surprisingly it has nothing to do with canceled flights or mediocre service. They recently cut ties with the NRA by canceling a deal with the organization for cheaper flights, and now are doubling down on their anti-gun stance. On top of that, The Associated Press recently reported that the airline donated three round-trip charter flights to help hundreds of Parkland, Florida students to the “March for Our Lives” in Washington, D.C. this past Saturday.

More than 200,000 people attended the march, which aimed to bring more attention to the issues surrounding gun violence in American schools. The organizers themselves say that the number is closer to 800,000, which would make it the largest single-day demonstration in U.S. history – a title currently held by the 2017 Women’s March with a crowd size of 440,000 people.

Delta told the Associated Press that the decision was a “part of our commitment to supporting the communities we serve” – a decision that came almost exactly a month after the deal with the NRA was renounced.

This has already impacted the airline, as Lt. Governor Casey Cagle (R-Ga.) pledged to kill any legislation that would provide tax breaks to Delta. In fact, the Georgia state Senate and House passed a bill denying the airline of a $38,000,000 tax exemption – meaning they are already feeling it in their bottom line. But it brings with it the question – should legislators be holding tax breaks hostage in order to get a private company to support a non-profit organization? Perhaps this issue will bring up the discussion of corporate tax breaks as a whole, which some see as far too excessive while others support wholeheartedly.

Cagle tweeted about the controversial incident, saying, “Corporations cannot attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back.”

Delta is clearly taking a stand with their recent public actions and while that may alienate some of their customers, clearly they feel that it is the right move given the current political landscape. Delta says only 13 people used the discount, so the $38 million tax break they lost ended up being rather costly in the end.

Republican lawmakers typically support corporate tax breaks, because they allow corporations to pay less taxes than they would otherwise be required to – making this quite an interesting situation politically. While this move may cause some to support Delta in greater numbers, others like Independent Journal Review commenter blueangel don’t want corporations to be endorsing either side politically.

“Shame on Delta for taking a Political Side!! I’m really glad Georgia is taking a stance and stopping all of Delta’s big tax breaks. I fly quite often and my hard earned money will NO longer be going to Delta.”

If there is one thing we can all be sure of, it’s that the gun control issue isn’t going anywhere soon – especially after the multitude of demonstrations  involving both students and supporters last weekend. There isn’t any one answer to these complex issues, so all we can do is stay informed and support those who our hearts call us to support. Do you agree?